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Each year, individuals, businesses, and organizations make it possible to honor Alaskans who have made significant contributions to our state through the arts and humanities as sponsors for the Governor's Awards for the Arts and Humanities.  

Will you help to sustain arts and humanities organizations, initiatives, and resources across Alaska?

In lieu of purchasing tickets for this year's event, we are asking you to please make a donation to support the Alaska Humanities Forum and the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation / Alaska State Council on the Arts.  Your gift ensures that we can continue to provide resources and services to support the arts and humanities across Alaska, working in partnership with individuals and organizations to develop original work, programs, and initiatives that engage, inform, inspire, and connect people throughout our state. 

In recognition of your partnership, with a suggested minimum donation of $25 we will send you a raven lapel pin, a symbol of the awards. 

Thank you to our
2023 sponsors!


Amplify Alaska

Frost Line Studios

Juan Munoz
Terry Nelson
Virginia Palmer
Jeremy Pataky
Lucy Peckham
Lori Pickett
Orianne Reich
Faith Revell
Mary Richards
Raul Rovira
Jeffry Silverman
Deborah Smith
Kathy Smith
Trevor Storrs
Charles Tobin
Elizabeth Walsh
Mark Wedekind
Linda Wei
Beth Weigel
Heidi Weiland
Stacy Weitzner
Jetta Whittaker
Shelley Wickstrom
Marla Williams

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